Snap Reserves: The Crypto Reserves backing SNAP

AI cryptocurrency you can Hold, Accumulate, Lend, Copy and Earn constantly


What is Snap Reserves

Bots created on Snap Protocol can be equipped with AI capabilities running on shared resources. Some of the tasks that existing Bots can do includes Trading, Wealth Robo Advisor, Trading Chart patterns, Market Sentiments and many more.

Bots are created on Snap Protocol, to use AI with shared resources.

Snap Reserves currently consist of common cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC and USDT.


SNAP is Appreciating in Value Over Time

The value per token will increase in value as

1. The Reserves by crypto trading bot should be increasing over time.
2. Total number of SANPs decreases by the usage of the Bots and burning.

Value per Token = Total Reserves / Total # of Token

AI SnapBots

SnapBots will make money with it's Bots engaging in activities that seeks to generate profits through their AI capabilities.

Reserves Pool Trading

These Bots will either earn other tokens while performing their duties. These tokens will contribute to the pool backing Snap reserves.

More Usage

More Bots applications will be created along the way, which will encourage more usage of SNAP.

Decreasing Supply

Some of the Bots will burn SNAP through usage. This will reduce the total number of SNAP (Snapbots Tokens) in distribution.


SnapBots Affiliate Program

SnapBots Affiliate can bring in users to SnapBots. Users can receive rewards for taking part in our community sourcing activities. If the SnapBots affiliates can get a referral fees which will be calculated as 20% of the total rewards that their users receive.


SnapBots Ambassador Program

Ambassador can sell SNAP and receive 5% of the tokens that they sell. The tokens payout for ambassador will be given to them equally over 6 months